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     Well, here we are sharing a special musical moment!  I'd like to welcome you to Sax Therapy for your Mind, Body & Soul!  Sax Therapy is a wonderful, musical, universoul and healing experience!  It's been said that the saxophone is as close to the human voice as any instrument maybe that's why I want to make my sax sing!  I am truly honored that God has touched me with enough musical ability to make the world smile!  In my perfect universe, I perform around the world sharing my testimony and sharing my victory over drug abuse.  Over thirty years of cocaine and crack abuse prevented me from becoming the man and musician I should have been.  But, it's never too late! Since I've stopped using, I've been able to focus on the plan God has for my life.  I am now able to use the tools available to create an inspirational musical experience wherever my music can be heard.  I pray that you enjoy what you hear and see! Don't let what you can't do, stop what you can do! Downloading and donating makes it possible for me to continue my quest to make better music and better videos. Sax Therapy is my life's work and I appreciate your support!  
     Ten songs are original compositions written, arranged, recorded, mixed and performed by me at home using the iPhone & iPad and laptop.  I call it "The eyeProject". What a great experience, I was blown away by what one can accomplish with effort and imagination. Imagine what can be done with a great producer and engineer!  My other co-writers and arrangers on my CD "Inspire" are William Green (Love fa' Real, The Creation) and Hansel Whiteurst (Walking Upright, Praise & Worship).  I also did a lil' sumptin' with my son Alex Brison (Father & Son) it's just an unplanned collaboration.  Thirteen tracks are available for purchase.  "Alright" and "Father & Son" are free downloads when you join the mailing list. Listen to some music and download a few songs, your purchases and donations will help make more great original music!  I want this to be a lasting relationship.  So, don't forget to check out the rest of the website, click the About tab and read my bio.  Click on the links and check out my On Demand On Line Radio Show!  It's smooth jazz and inspiration featuring original music from many great artists from the Chicago area and beyond.
  From the streets to the penthouses, The Sax Therapist plays them all!  Witness and be a part of the evolution of an artist!

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